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Custom Mats

    Custom Printed Gaming Playmats, Kids Playmats, Pet Placemats, Bar Mats, Floor Mats, Door Mats, Mouse Pads, Break Mats, Game Mats, Battle Mats Neoprene Mats and more.
  • Our neoprene mats are made out of high quality rubber with a soft polyester coating which is where your image goes.
  • Neoprene Mats can be spot cleaned + easily rolled up into one of our storage bags when not in use.
  • They make any desk or work space stylish.
  • Create the perfect tabletop gaming backdrop
  • Personalised Door mats, entry mats and activity mats for kids
  • Padded mats for bathrooms, baby change mats and pet bedding mats
  • Sometimes, the edges of our mats can appear a little "fluffy" at times an this is just a normal occurrence with the way the mats are cut.
  • Our Playmat bags are made out of a non-woven material with a drawstring closure.
  • We can print many sizes and even create custom sizes (minimums apply)
  • Our mats can have so many uses! What will you use yours for?